Keanahala is a community weaving program, which perpetuates the Native Hawaiian practice of ulana lauhala (weaving) and helps to bring Hawaiian lauhala moena (mats) back into the home.

Making moena (traditional Hawaiian mats) is a communal practice; together, we learn by doing.

The classes in the Keanahala program offer you the opportunity to acquire a new skill, share stories, and make connections through weaving and learning. The practice of working with lauhala is based on a deeper value system that respects our natural resources, kūpuna, kumu, and community. This Hawaiian process of inclusion and collaboration will empower you in unanticipated ways.

Keanahala honors the process from ‘āina to moena, from the land to the home – including harvesting, proper preparation of the leaves, weaving, and repairing moena.

Beginners can start with the Moena Hali‘a class. More experienced weavers can jump in on any class and join us during our Open Weaving and Hala Prep days.



Thursdays at KĪPUKA

Begin with a Moena Haliʻa, a small “memory mat,” approximately 6×6.” Allow yourself 45min to finish.

$20 includes kit and instruction. RSVP recommended, Drop-ins welcome. RSVP to



2nd + 4th Wednesdays at KĪPUKA

Pre-requisite: Moena Haliʻa
Continue learning lau Hala weaving with tabletop-worthy placemats. Allow yourself 3 hours to complete.

$40 includes kit and instruction; RSVP Required. 6 person max. RSVP to



Monthly at KĪPUKA

Fine tune your weaving skills with a personal floor mat (approx. 2’ x 3’) in this three-day workshop. RSVP required. 6 person max. Recurring monthly.

$180 includes kit and instruction; RSVP required. 6 person max. For more info: or for dates, RSVP to

ʻulana hou mokuleʻia MOENA REPAIR RETREAT.

ʻulana hou mokuleʻia MOENA REPAIR RETREAT.


Periodically we offer special weaving opportunities for those who want to deepen their weaving practice. Retreats include large community centered lauhala mat weaving projects, commissions, and repairs in public and private institutions and homes across Hawaiʻi. To stay updated on weaving opportunities email