Hands-on learning for cultural continuity

»»» Empowering practitioners with a deeper connection to culture and community

The Producers Network for Cultural Artisans was a program established in 2018 to teach traditional Hawaiian crafts — like making cordage, shell jewelry, lei, kapa, net, ipu, and lau hala — to the community. Through a series of classes and workshops, the Producers Network brought people together to learn, commune, and do. The program has hosted several moena (lau hala mats) retreats in Waialua, where participants had the rare opportunity to repair large floor mats in a size that are no longer made. Owing to the success and demand of the program, in 2019, it morphed into KIPUKA, a community makers space at Ward Centre in Honolulu, where practitioners can gather, host classes, and work on their craft.

Classes and special workshops at KIPUKA vary from month to month. Click the buttons (left) to view descriptions of sample classes and a current calendar on our partner Nā Mea Hawai‘i’s website.

Producers Network for Cultural Artisans is sponsored by Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.
KĪPUKA is a cultural makers space by Nā Mea Hawai‘i.